Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Cali

OBELO | Panela

For our very first travel post we want to share a few great finds at a farmers market in Cali, Colombia. Here's a picture of a young Guambiano girl with blocks of panela melao that her and her family made. Panela melao is softer than traditional blocks of panela because it is has a higher moister content. The Guambianos are an indigenous group from Cauca. 

OBELO | Farmers Market

Here's cheesemaker and goat farmer, Beatriz Navia. She was sampling the three different types of cheese that she makes: fresh, aged and ricotta. Each has that tart, earthy, distinctly goat flavor but the textures were super unique. The fresh was our favorite, it's texture was more like Queso Fresco, less like Chevre.

OBELO | Farmers Market
OBELO | Plantains
OBELO | Panela Melao