What is panela?

Panela is raw, unrefined whole-cane sugar. It's a more flavorful and wholesome alternative to refined sugar. Learn more about the production process, nutritional value, and how it compares to refined sugar here.

How do you use panela?

You can use panela in place of refined sugar everyday, our favorite is in our morning coffee. Panela is a non acidic sweetener, so it can actually enhance and balance the flavors in your favorite brews.  Panela also makes a super refreshing, iced-tea-ish beverage, called Agua de Panela.  Just mix it with water, chill over ice and add lemon. If you want to make that a bit more exciting, just add some whiskey, and have yourself a panela cocktail! 

And of course, panela can also add a unique kind of sweetness and complex molasses flavor to your favorite baked goods!

Are your products sustainable?

Our goal is to practice sustainability at every step. From sourcing panela from farms that integrate pasture methods with organic agricultural production systems, to using biodegradable packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

Where can I buy your panela?

We're still in start up mode and will be launching a kickstarter campaign soon where you'll be able to get in on the goods!  Follow us on Instagram to get the latest news and updates.


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